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Mary Scott, MSW
Life Coach, Relationship Coach & Founder
Balance-Out Life Coaching & Adventure Retreats
Coaching via phone, Skype or office, Longmont, CO
Phone: 970-449-3665. Email: maryscottretreats@gmail.com.


 A New Season of Opportunity & Choice
Can we really be happy, no matter what?
The short answer is yes. We do this by choosing, and by allowing a guide who really listens to help us.
I created Balance-Out Life Coaching & Adventure Retreats to help people clarify what makes them feel healthier and happier, and sustain that feeling when times get tough. My individual Life Coaching, educational workshops, and wellness vacation retreats provide diverse ways to help "unstick" you when you're in that muddy place where life or work feels stagnant, and living a more meaningful life seems out of reach.
At some point, difficult cirucmstances challenge us all, and happiness can seem like something other people have, but not us. Don't buy it; it's not true!
"Happy" is a Choice
Feeling happy is a proven choice. No matter your individual "set point" for feeling contentment or joy (which scientists say we're born with), you can learn how to choose a mindset that allows you to experience contentment despite hardship.
To thrive in my own life, I've had to learn to make this choice, and I practice making it every day. This doesn't mean I don't feel frustration or pain; I do. Real happiness comes from choosing how we see each situation (past, present, future), training ourselves to react accordingly, and finding opportunity in every challenge. That's really the key.
Balance-Out Life Coaching & Adventure Retreats provides dynamic Coaching and uplifting experiences to help you re-discover a state of well-being and sense adventure your younger self may have lost or perhaps never knew. Whether you join me for a private Coaching session, educational workshop, weekly group, or vacation retreat, you'll learn new ways to let go of the past, grab hold of the present, and realize a more fulfilling future--no matter what.
New Eyes, New Life
My clients share very human challenges: financial worries, relationship conflicts, loss, divorce, grief, and health, employment, and career hurdles--even trauma. Yet postive change can and does happen. Drawing on an in-depth knowledge of psychology, communications, corporate business, and general health, I help others clarify what they really want that's more in line with their values and natural abilities.
Over the years, I've seen some of the most difficult situations turn around quickly. Together, we'll pin-point and clear any limiting beliefs that might be in your way, map out fresh ways of thinking, establish strategic goals, and take the necessary steps to get you where you want to go. You can see your challenges through new eyes, release your stress, and realize more of the life you really want.
Why bother to pursue a better life? As I once read, "to experience whatever wonder might be just around the corner."
After 20 years as a mental health professional (Master Social Worker), I remain honored to walk beside those who desire a more meaningful, healthy life. I'd be honored to be your coach!
For my professional background and what to expect, see "Private Coaching" at top, and contact me for a free 30-minute consult: 970-449-3665. To learn about all the different aspects of Balance-Out Life Coaching & Adventure Retreats, please click on the links at top.
Mary Scott
Phone: (970) 449-3665
Email: maryscottretreats@gmail.com


Upcoming Events

SonomaMadronaManorhillsideroses.jpg"Women's Wine & Wisdom" Sept 7 - 12, 2016

A 5-Night Retreat of Fun, Fitness & Life Coaching. Only 4 Spaces Remain (from 6 lodging options!). Limited to 9 guests. For Room Selection and associated Retreat pricing, see "Retreats" page, top right.


Location & Lodging: Alexander Valley Lodge (www.alexandervalleylodge.com). Private or shared room in spacious vacation home  on 53 hilltop acres overlooking the Alexander Valley (pool/hot tub/multiple decks)  *  Our own Certified Natural Chef Tracy Spalding  *  Sheer Elegance wine tour via private limo  *  Lake Sonoma hike and picnic  *  Discounted spa treatments  *  Life Coaching Workshop  *  Daily meditation, stretch and walk  Optional 24-mile bike ride *  Plenty of laughter and relaxation! Limited to 9 guests.

Arrival: Wednesday, Sept 7, between 5:30-6 pm for apps and our "Welcome Wine Pour". Departure: Monday, Sept 12, between 10-11 am. For registration and pricing, see "Retreats" page, top right.


Inspiration from Our Veterans

Many things inspire me, but one of my most influential experiences has been working with our military service veterans. In 2011, I was invited to join National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center (NVWH) as a Trauma Coach. As a 501(c) 3 non-profit retreat program free to active duty, veterans, and their spouse/ partner/family members, NVWH provides 7-day experiential retreats for those managing symptoms of post traumatic stress and what is now known as "moral injury", a condition that vets and civilians seem to understand well, but too often experience. (www.veteranswellnessandhealing.org)

After working with hundreds of veterans and their family members, I'm still amazed by the strength and determination of the guests, the dedication and skill of the staff, and the incredible opportunity for learning that each week offers everyone involved. I now help design and co-facilitate the Experiential Educational program, presenting proven techniques for reducing symptoms of stress, healing the invisible "moral wounds" of war and life events, and strengthening couple and family relationships.
The clients I've had the honor to work with at NVWH, and all those I see privately for Balance-Out coaching sessions and retreats, continue to inspire me and make me a better Coach--thank you! It's the human spirit's ability to triumph over some of the most difficult circumstances that keeps me committed to doing this work I love.



Mary Scott, LMSW